IBC SOLAR Mounting Systems

IBC Aerofix - the mounting solution for flat roofs

The mounting system for flat roofs IBC Aerofix was developed and tested by IBC SOLAR while respecting installer’s needs.

This system offers a range of benefits that simplifies your work and ensures to your customer a high quality and long lasting PV plant.

Benefits of IBC AeroFix:

  • Ideal for flat roofs with low load values
  • No drill holes necessary
  • Fast installation
  • High levelled resistance against corrosion
  • Technical support from IBC SOLAR when setting up the system
  • Product warranty: 10 years



Download - Datasheets:

IBC Aerofix

IBC Topfix 200 - the mounting solution for pitched roofs

The mounting structure IBC TopFix 200 comes with the promise of easy and fast installation. Its flexible design, the prefabricated components and preassembled clamps save a lot of time during installation compared to traditional systems.

IBC TopFix is a very efficient system that saves precious time and money. When developing this system, it was our goal to simplify the installation on the roof. IBC TopFix 200 was tested by renowned technical inspection facilities in order to ensure total safety of the system with reliable load values of all components.

The advantages of IBC TopFix 200:

  • Height adjustable to compensate for level differences
  • Fast connection con Flange Head Screw between support rail and roof hook
  • Support rails with pre-assembled butt connectors for connection with roof hook
  • Release clamps
  • Middle clamp that fits for all module heights
  • Ideal for pitched roofs with tiles, corrugated sheets and corrugated roofs
  • High quality material: stainless steel and aluminium
  • Product warranty: 10 years


Download - Datasheets:

IBC TopFix 200